Catering Penrith

Are you looking for an excellent catering Penrith service? You do not have to look beyond us. We are what you are looking for, and we do everything possible to delight your palate. You can choose from various sumptuous meals prepared by our expert chefs and enjoy hospitality at your event provided by our friendly-catering staff. more...

Party Catering Penrith

As a premium party catering Penrith service provider, we offer various menus for our clients. We have a wide selection of meats for a BBQ and buffet menus for small and large gatherings. We can provide a complete catering service, which allows you to sit back and enjoy your event while we do all the catering work right from preparing the food, setting up the service points and then serving the guests and ensuring everyone has had their fill.

A Menu to Suit Any Event

What event are you planning? Is it a handful of guests who would enjoy finger foods and soft drinks? Or is it a significant life-defining moment like a wedding feast? We are fully equipped to cater for different functions.

Our menus also are designed to fit your budget, and we can share our expert advice on what would be the best way to provide for your guests with the budget you have.

You can also call on us to deliver lunch to the office when you need to work through lunch.

Why Choose Parties Plus?

We believe finding a catering service near you is essential because you should not have to wait long for the meal. If the caterer is near, they can arrive on time, and your guests will be served promptly.

Call us now to discuss what we can do for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

● Do you offer wait staff and party rental?

We offer wait-for-staff and party rentals for your party catering in Penrith. At Parties Plus, we are happy to provide you with state-of-the-art and high-quality catering party equipment for hire to ensure your party is memorable for you and your guests for years to come. Moreover, our party rentals are affordable, and you pay the lowest of any advertised cost.

● What are the available catering options you offer?

As one of the leading companies for catering in Penrith, we offer the following options for all party events, including weddings, birthdays, corporate events, and more.

– Kebab catering

– Gelato catering

– Lebanese BBQ catering

– Pizza catering

– Burger catering

– Cocktail catering and more

● What does your kebab catering menu include?

We offer three different menus for kebab catering. Each menu has standard food options that we can customise per your needs and requirements. Our first menu is available at $22 + GST (minimum 50 guests), the second menu at $24 + GST (minimum 50 guests), and the third menu at $28 + GST (minimum 50 guests). It includes two staff members to serve, and a small travel fee is incurred for some areas. Vegetable, cheese, antipasto, fruit, and meat platters are available at different rates.

● Do you have a separate menu option for kids?

No! We do not have a separate menu option for kids. But we can customise your catering menu to include a good selection of foods that appeal to kids. When you book our Penrith party catering services, you can mention your kids’ favourites, and we will gladly make a small menu for them.

Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Party Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Party Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Catering Penrith - Parties Plus
Party Catering Penrith - Parties Plus

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Party Catering Penrith - Parties Plus

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