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We are a full-service catering company that can handle any event, including corporate events. If you are in Parramatta and need our service, call us. Our corporate catering Parramatta is designed to meet the different needs of corporate organisations that may need to provide food to their guests. Some of the events we cater include end-of-year parties, business cocktails, business lunches, farewell parties, welcome parties, and so much more...

Corporate Catering Parramatta

Spit Roast

This is a favourite for our clients trying to impress their guests. Our corporate catering Parramatta spit roast is mouth-watering, and the guests arrive with the enticing aroma of spit roast ready to be served. You can choose from a variety of meats that you would like to have roasted, from traditional pork to lamb, goat, and beef. But, of course, we ensure it is well done and perfectly seasoned.

Finger Food

Many corporate clients appreciate finger foods for their working lunches and cocktail parties. We can deliver finger food, or we can provide full service, which includes serving the guests. We have a wide assortment of finger foods to suit different needs.


A buffet lunch or dinner would be appropriate for corporate events that will host several people. We plan the buffet according to the client’s choice and budget. The chefs ensure that the foods are delicious and safe. The selection of cuisine can be determined based on the guests you are expecting. Our clients and their guests have written back to thank us for the delicious meals and our professional office catering in Parramatta.

Party Catering Parramatta

Parties are about more than just food. They are about family & friends reunions nevertheless, we all know it is usually the food that leaves an impression. From birthday parties to office parties, your guests will remember your party when you choose Parties Plus to take care of your special event.

We offer party catering in Parramatta for various occasions, from home parties to big parties in your venue. So, rely on us to help you discover how indelible a party can be.

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Why not try out our service and have your corporate guests feel special with well-prepared delicious meals catered by us?

Frequently Asked Questions

● Do you provide tables?

Yes, we offer tables and chairs hired for your party catering in Parramatta. Our tables and chairs rental rates are given below:

– Stainless steel bar table: $29

– Bar Tools: $12

– Trestle table (seats 8 people): $12

– White plastic chairs: $2.2

● Can you cater for themed events?

Yes, of course, we can! As a leading catering company in Parramatta, our professionals can help you create the best catering menu for any themed event. We are always excited to create a custom catering menu that fits your party theme to give it a fun twist.

● How can I decide the amount of food needed for the party?

The amount of food needed for your corporate catering in Parramatta depends on several factors, including:

– The number of people attending the event

– Time and duration of the event

– Occasion

– Budget

At Parties Plus, we assist you in deciding the amount of food needed for your party based on your needs and dietary requirements.

● Do you have a cancellation policy?

We accept cancellations 48 hours before the party events. For further queries on cancellation and refunds, please call us at 0413 199 991.

Catering Parramatta - Parties Plus
Party Catering Parramatta - Parties Plus
Corporate Catering Parramatta - Parties Plus
Party Catering Parramatta - Parties Plus

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